👋 What is this?

100 Crypto Stars is a project that intends to create 100 unique beautiful stars as ERC721 compatible non fungible tokens (NFTs). Every star that you see on the header of this site is unique and is generated randomly following a mathematical function (the star polygon).

While you are reading this, beautiful stars are disappearing forever, in order to preserve one of the stars and add it to the limited 100 stars catalogue, it needs to be minted. Minting is the process that will add and register your star in the Ethereum mainnet blockchain with you as its owner. You will also get the right to name the star, transfer it or resell it as its value changes overtime.

As part of our roadmap, we are thinking on designing a "prints" system, you can learn more about this looking at one of the projects that inspired 100cryptostars, EulerBeats. More details about this and print pricing will be shared soon.

Minting one of the unique 100 crypto stars has a one-time fix cost of 0.20ETH that goes directly to the creators of the project and will be used to continue to grow and mantain the project.

🤯 How does it work?

Wondering how the stars are made? Each star is actually made of several star "layers" (from 2 to 10) each layer is made of a single star that has from 12 to 33 points. Every layer is rotating at a given speed and direction its sizes decrease to create "caleidoscopical effects" together with its random color selection.

All the information to re-draw any of the 100 stars is stored in the ethereum blockchain as part of the minting process.

✨ Star catalogue